Study Permit and Visa

Study Permit is a necessary status document for international students to pursue degrees, certificates in Canada. Most of the study programs require student to hold valid study permit to begin with, for countries require visa to enter Canada, student also must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. The study permit enables student to legally study while within Canada, the Temporary Resident Visa allows student to enter Canada. Depending on the length of study program, a study permit’s length could be anywhere from 6 months to 4 years.

Extend Study Permit

International Students must be aware of the validity period of their study permits, because it is possible for a student to receive a 1-year study permit even though the program is for 4 years. To avoid any interruption and delays in student’s classes, it is suggested to apply for study permit extension within 90 days of the expiry date of original study permit.

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