International Students

Canada is a country with many world-class universities, skillful training colleges, and English language institutes. These educational institutes offer a diverse range of learning opportunities for overseas students. Over the years, the Canadian Education System has fulfilled the needs of many students from different countries of the World.

How to Study in Canada ?

Our team of professionals are experts in migration and education services. They are highly knowledgeable and updated on the relevant immigration and education legislation in Canada. Our objectives to provide personalized assistance to International Students by finding, engaging and enrolling them their dream schools as well as possible migration pathways

Services We Offer

Canadian universities and schools offer world class qualities of education with comparatively affordable costs, there was more than half million international students studying in Canada based on the stats collected in 2016. 

Normally there are 3 semesters per academic year for post-secondary education institutions, and every new academic year often starts in September.

Every year Doyen helps international students with selecting the right programs, submitting school applications, obtaining study permits and prepare for coming to Canada.

2019 Toronto Summer Camps are new open for registrations!!!

Contact Doyen for more program details and different camps we are offering.

Suggested ages of camper: 12 – 17 years old

Length of summer camp program: 2 weeks or 3 weeks

Start date: Multiple dates from Mid-July are available

What are included in our packages:

  1. medical insurance
  2. airport pickup and transfer
  3. accommodation in the camp
  4. 3 meals per day in the camp
  5. Travel and sightseeing transportation and tickets

Want to know if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada?

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